I had a great conversation with Jon Scieszka today. Yesterday I wrote about his appointment as the first ambassador of children's books. As I was writing that blog, I decided that in my capacity as a parenting writer/children's book industry expert I really need to write an article about the topic of reluctant readers. As luck would have it, my editor at Newsday called to ask if I could pull together an article quickly and offered me the chance to write what I want. Serendipity. So, I'm writing the piece now after speaking with Jon, children's librarians and a representative of the National Endowment of the Arts (which published the study, To Read or Not to Read in November, www.nea.gov/news). My article will appear in Newsday on Jan. 13th, so I'll provide the link that day. But can I just say how exciting it is to be involved in the world of children's books? All that we do has the power to positively impact children, and that's heady stuff.