A Chance for Moms to Talk

    Last Wednesday I had the opportunity to pull together 13 friends to meet with journalist Debra Lynn Hook of www.momseasychair.com. She asked us about how we classify ourselves (I called myself "Octopus Mom" because I feel like I constantly have at least eight different tasks to handle, from parenting to all my writing responsibilities). And she asked if there were ever a time we felt we had lost our identities. The answers were quite moving. You can read all about it at the Web site. We're the group listed as "LI--New York" and supposedly I'm to be Mom of the Day soon. It was fun to be interviewed by a reporter when I'm usually the one on the other side of the pen and notebook. Hopefully Debra Lynn felt the same way. I don't know; maybe it's a little like doctors visiting doctors? 
    But the main thought I walked away with, and emphasized to her, is what has made parenting easier for me is that I've always reached out to other moms for support: to complain to, check in with, reveal my worst moments to, and to get advice from. And I've done the same as a writer. I have several different outlets through which I can reach out to other writers to complain to, check in with, reveal my worst moments, and to get advice from.  
    If you don't already have a group of like-minded writers to talk to, join a group at your local library; join a local writer's organization; or join any one of the national organizations. You can check on my site at www.lizaburby.com for some of the organizations I belong to so you can get an idea of the variety out there. But I have also made friends with numerous local writers, many of whom freelance for me. It helps because they know the local market as I do, so we can help each other. Sometimes that help means referring work. So, what are you waiting for? Parent or writer or both? Reach out to others. We all need the extra arms--even if you don't call yourself "Octopus Mom."